The Alvar Tree Frogs

The Alvar Treefrogs is a brand new band 10 years in the making. Born out of an idea to breathe life into music long forgotten, music that made the streets of New Orleans a place to dance and party to in the 20s, 30s and 40s, music that is so hip you’ll want to hop around and dance to it.

The band was born on Alvar Street, New Orleans, where one night, tired and happy, we listened to the Treefrogs singing their song. It then took 8 years to find the right players for the band and to get the music just right. The players needed to swing, sing and love a frog based pun. We found them!!! Ever wanted to sing about eggs and butter, about Garbage Men, about your Aunt Tilly? We are your band!!

The players are average at frog puns but very much the best of the pack as musicians. All the members are busy freaks working across London and further afield. Our frogmen have been seen playing with all kinds of people from Quincy Jones through to Pete Tong! Check out the frogmen page to read their pun laden biographies.

Our gigs are wild adventures into New Orleans culture. We can guarantee a night (or afternoon or late morning for that matter) of wonderful music to dance to, to sing along to, to cuddle and cry to. All of it old but all of it brand new!

Check out some of our videos to hear what we sound like. And please do get in touch.